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  About the book

  flip and waddle splash and littlest
  penguins discovering their wonderful world, only to find it is changing at the hands of the humans. However, there is hope in store. Their teacher Old Wise explains that humans are clever and caring, and - when they all work together - they can make amazing things happen...
Delightful and inspiring
‘Who Will Save Us?’ has been described as, ‘A beautifully composed and illustrated book…’. It follows a group of young, Antarctic penguins as they learn about the ways of the penguin through the teachings of their all embracing elder, Old Wise. In doing so the young penguins discover the impact climate change is having, not only on their world, but on ours too. The positive and upbeat ending leaves the reader inspired by the good of humans themselves.
Engaging and educational
Adopting a positive and practical approach, ‘Who Will Save Us?’ teaches children (and their adults) what climate change really means and what we can all do to help resolve it. The book
covers many of the main aspects of climate change, including the greenhouse effect and gases, and the causes and effects of climate change. The story is both engaging and educational, and aims to empower children in their future on this planet.

Wide appeal

Through trials it has been demonstrated that ‘Who Will Save Us?’ reaches out and appeals to those from 5 to 75 years+. The 48 full-colour pages contain numerous illustrations and picture words, which enable younger readers and those with special educational needs to actively follow the story, focussing their attention, whilst provoking thoughts and questions.

Take action

More than just a story, the book includes an illustrated, comprehensive and clearly explained section on how to ‘Take Positive Action…’ aimed at involving the children’s adults and schools. With over 40 contact details of helpful organisations, books, magazines etc, it provides a stepping-stone to a further understanding of climate change and what we can all do to help.

Actions speak clearer than words…
Through self-publishing the book it has been possible to demonstrate the positive actions promoted in the text. Printed in the UK, on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - 50% recycled paper and using vegetable based inks and biodegradable laminate, the production of the book goes some way to demonstrating what can be achieved, because we care about this wonderful planet.

Written, illustrated, published and marketed independently by Rebecca Mørch and family